About Spring At Papas

Spring at Papas 2018 Official After Movie

What’s the hype all about?

Every year in the month of March thousands of young adults from all over come together to party, dance, and eat and drink like kings and queens in the party beach town of Rosarito Beach.

Party & Dance

With artists from Tyga, Diplo, and Offset to Lil Baby, De La Ghetto, Sheck Wes and more; we are pumped to bring incredible live entertainment to turn everyone up.

Our massive beachfront Day & Night Club hits new levels of lit during Spring At Papas. It is the ultimate hub to make some of the best memories of your life.

Dank drink specials, pool parties, and games are also an expertise of ours. Watch entertaining and legendary competitions during our Spring at Papas Pool Parties with an ice cold Sex on the Beach in hand.

Eat & Drink

From famous taco shops to the Micheladas at our Cantina, you will crave the flavors you come across in Rosarito. It might be a small beachtown but it is jam-packed with bomb food and delicious drinks.

Our venue alone has 7 bars, a Cantina with an award-winning menu, and a mouthwatering taco stand inside our venue for a quick bite. Whether at Papas or on the main strip, the party town has all sorts of food and drink orgasms awaiting you.

The History

Way back in 1983 two Mexican men with a lot of hustle in them came up with a vision that would eventually become Papas&Beer.

They thought of Rosarito Beach as the perfect place to host a next-level Spring Break, something that SoCal and Baja both needed. The founders of Papas&Beer imagined their Spring Break event would make history one day. They were right.

Until this day, over 35 years later, the founders of Papas&Beer still sit in awe that their vision of Spring Break in Rosarito became a reality. Thousands of people create wild and incredible Spring Break memories that will last forever, and it makes all of the hard work Team Papas put in beyond worth it.



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Spring at Papas 2018 Official Aftermovie